Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Trend Nails: My Go-To Mani!

Alrighty, here are all of the nails I did over the past couple months. I really didn't do nay complicated designing. I did super easy and quick trendy things like dots, Frenches, solids, and glitter accents. Nothing too exciting here though! I only took pictures of the mani I did after shaping my nails a bit. This mani is super simple, but reeeally trendy! At the beginning of April, I squared my nails down:

Their not like this anymore, but just thought I might share. This is a huge trend: RED NAILS! I know, seems boring, but they are sooo IN right now! And this mani is totally fool proof, works on every nails type and shape. It's my no-fail go-to!

So, that's all I took pics of over the last couple months. But don't worry, I'm actually feeling the nail vibe! I'm gonna go and do my nails!
<3 Lucy

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