Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nail Update

Just an update of how my nails are doing:
 Left hand: Index: fine, no filing done, in its natural shape, strong. Middle: strong, was once cut too short, growing back slowly. Ring: just chipped and filed today, pretty strong. Pinky: a little uneven, was chipped a few weeks ago, cut short, growing back strong.
 Left thumb: Very long, strong, in its natural rounded shape.
 Right Hand: Pinky: in its natural shape, pretty strong. Ring: in its natural squared off shape, very strong, a little stained. :'/ Middle: in its natural shape, strong, kinda shortish. Index: in its natural round shape, strong.
 Right thumb: got hit smack on my long strong nail with a baseball, chipped, I thought I just had to file a bit, turned out to be split down the middle, tried to save it, but ended up having to cut it off. :'(

Well, that's my nail update, see you soon hopefully<Lucy :)

NOTD: Funky Colors

Hello! Today I have these simple striped nails, that I didn't really love at all, but thought I might as well post them here:

Hope you liked 'em!<Lucy :D

Thursday, October 10, 2013

NOTD: Mismatched Halloween Nails!

Hello! :) Today's nails are this super cute Halloween inspired mismatched:

How to:

I hope you liked these! Inspired by: cutepolish. If you want to see the exact polishes I used, let me know! <Lucy :D