Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Feather Ombre Nails

Hey nail Crazies! :D My next mani to share is this gorgeous ombre with feathers. I absolutely love these nails! They're a great Summery mani to wear. I'm sure that if you wear this design, you will get TONS of compliments! So without further ado, here is the design:
I love these nails. I can do the ombre but the feathers are really hard to draw.
I really hope you guys enjoyed this! I'll see you soon!

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Hi nail crazies! :) Today's nail trend is a great one for Summer. I know lots of gals that are at a loss of what to do on their nails. And many many ladies don't have the time to design stuff on their nails. What I think? Solid Colors! They are so IN. Super simple, easy, and you can have completely different looks depending on the color. Sophisticated? Black, or deep red. Girly? Rosy light pink or white. Funky? Gold, silver or greenish yellow. Summer fun? Neons! Natural? Nude or a sheer shimmer. 
Note: White nail polish makes you look tanner!
I LOVE this banana yellow shade from Zoya called Pippa. It's the perfect mix of soft and bright. And the color is great for Spring and Summer!
Zoya Pippa
Hope you liked this post everyone. :) Have an amazing day! 
Lucy <3
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Monday, June 2, 2014

Trend Alert: Mismatch Pattern Nails! (with Tutorial)

Hey again! I know, 3 posts in 1 day, I'm crazy! ;) Here is a suuper duper cute nail trend going on. And I have a tutorial for you too!
I think this is so cute and a little quirky!
Hope you enjoyed today's posts!
Lucy :)

Trend Alert: Glitter Fall on Dark Colors

Ok, here is my latest mani! :) This Trend is doing a light glitter fall on a dark color. I chose a dark grape purple with a silver glitter fall. For this, I used MA Colors Grape, and Wet n Wild Kaleidoscope.

I hope you like the pics! More nail Trends coming up in a sec!

Summer Trend Nails: My Go-To Mani!

Alrighty, here are all of the nails I did over the past couple months. I really didn't do nay complicated designing. I did super easy and quick trendy things like dots, Frenches, solids, and glitter accents. Nothing too exciting here though! I only took pictures of the mani I did after shaping my nails a bit. This mani is super simple, but reeeally trendy! At the beginning of April, I squared my nails down:

Their not like this anymore, but just thought I might share. This is a huge trend: RED NAILS! I know, seems boring, but they are sooo IN right now! And this mani is totally fool proof, works on every nails type and shape. It's my no-fail go-to!

So, that's all I took pics of over the last couple months. But don't worry, I'm actually feeling the nail vibe! I'm gonna go and do my nails!
<3 Lucy