Saturday, June 7, 2014


Hi nail crazies! :) Today's nail trend is a great one for Summer. I know lots of gals that are at a loss of what to do on their nails. And many many ladies don't have the time to design stuff on their nails. What I think? Solid Colors! They are so IN. Super simple, easy, and you can have completely different looks depending on the color. Sophisticated? Black, or deep red. Girly? Rosy light pink or white. Funky? Gold, silver or greenish yellow. Summer fun? Neons! Natural? Nude or a sheer shimmer. 
Note: White nail polish makes you look tanner!
I LOVE this banana yellow shade from Zoya called Pippa. It's the perfect mix of soft and bright. And the color is great for Spring and Summer!
Zoya Pippa
Hope you liked this post everyone. :) Have an amazing day! 
Lucy <3
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