Wednesday, July 24, 2013

NOTD: Dots and Stripes!

Hey! Today I have some funky dotted and striped nails for you using red, white, and pops of silvery glitter. Here are the pics:

 Pure white base. (I used Klutz nail polish in Sugar White).
 Add sparkly red nail diagonal stripes on the all of the nails, (except the ring finger nail, on which you put a few dots).
 For the ring finger, add dots of a silvery glitter polish.
 For the rest of the fingers, make another diagonal stripe with the silver glitter.
 I used LA Colors Color Craze in Red Sparkle and Wet n' Wild Wild Shine nail glitter in Kaleidoscope.
The finished product!
I hope you liked these funky nails!<Lucy :D

Friday, July 12, 2013

NOTD: Glittery Purple with NYC

Hi everyone! Today's nails are using 2 nail polishes that I got for my birthday a couple of days ago. Both of the nail polishes are from NYC Cosmetics, and I was pleasantly surprised with them! You only need one coat of each polish to do these nails! :) (I did 2 coats of the glitter, because glitter is my middle name, but it didn't need 2 coats at all)! Here are the nails:

 This color from NYC can easily be worn with no glitter, and still make a statement! (This is one coat).
 With the glitter. My new favorite glitter! (This picture is the nails with one coat of glitter).
I used: Purple Pizzazz and Starry Silver Glitter, both by NYC.
I hope you liked these!<Lucy :)

Nail Crazy!

Hi! My name is Lucy, and I am obsessed with the art of makeup and nails. I started posting a few of my nail designs on my other blog at and thought that since that blog was for makeup designs, I could start a new blog for my nail designs. I just started painting and designing on nails this year, so I'm really not that good yet. I just really think that starting this blog and sharing my nail ideas can improve my skill. I hope you enjoy this blog! Here are some nail painting ideas for you that I have done in the past year:
 Blue balloon nails.
 Cactus nails.
 Candle nails.
 Pink glitter nails. (I did these on my other blog).
 Magic wand nails.
 Cupcake nails.
Wonder Woman nails.
 Glitter tipped coral nails. (One of my favorites!) :D
4th of July nails.( These last 2 designs I also put on my makeup blog).
And Galaxy nails.
Those are some of my ideas so far! :D I hope you find some inspiration. Have a great day!<Lucy :)